The Spanish Experimentals of Eve A. Ma

Shot in and near Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain, these three shorts together are about one hour in length: Two Streets & Adela (26 minutes), Tone Poem with Hang Drum (18 minutes), and Her (Ella) (4 minutes).

Southern Spain is rich in color and culture. Jerez is part of the "cradle of flamenco," and although a city of 200,000, it feels like a small town. The connection with flamenco inspired one of these three films, Two Streets & Adela.

Then, one day when I was walking across town, I saw a guy playing a strange-looking instrument that made beautiful sounds. He explained that it was called a hang drum (now also referred to as a hang pan, or just hang). This led to Tone Poem with Hang Drum.

And in a small alleyway near my flat, a friend did the honors of playing a part against a mysterious, beautiful, red flower for Her (Ella).

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(left) Two views of the lovely city of Jerez, where we did most of our shooting.

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